Ali Girard


Lessons in Change from Flu (Shot) Season

This fall I diligently attended one of UBC’s many free flu clinics to receive my shot, same as every flu season. In my mind, getting the flu shot is common sense – I mean, only crazy anti-vaxxers avoid them, right? Or so I thought, until I spoke to my boyfriend, my sister, and a close friend who’s a nurse. Read More


4 tips for young job seekers in Vancouver

I’m currently organizing an event for IABC/BC Student Services, “IABC & Your Degree“, and as a result young job seekers have been on my mind. The panelists at the event will be addressing the question “how do I get there?” Basically, how they made the transition between the academic world and the workplace. In hearing a little bit about their experiences, I started to think back to my own the summer before last – specifically, what worked for me. Read More